2014 Abstracts

Paul Currie et al - Atlantic PIRI and NSE - 2 presentationsUnknownEOI
Craig Chandler (SLR)Long term monitoring for sister sitesAbstract submitted
Tony Walker (Dillon)Env Effects Monitoring (Marine)Abstract submitted
John Hibbard/David Brett (Tervita)Water Lot Sediment RemediationAbstract submitted
Fred Baechler (EXP)Climate Change/long term monitoringAbstract submitted
Tony Bowron x 2 presentationsManaged realignment, coastal climate change adaptation and restorationEOI
Randy Pontkowski (AECOM)Estuary remediation/climate changeAbstract submitted
Cameron EllsLegal implications/Technical Implications of Contam SitesAbstract submitted
John Brazner/Nick HillWetland monitoringEOI
Megan MilloyWetland relatedEOI