Categories & Rates

Membership in the Canadian Land Reclamation Association/ association canadienne de réhabilitation des sites dégradés is of interest to students and professionals interested in or actively engaged in reclamation activities in industry, post-secondary institutions, consulting companies and government departments.
The CLRA/ACRAD offers four categories of membership:

  • Corporate, available to corporations, municipalities, governments or other organizations;
  • Regular, available to individuals;
  • Student, available to full-time students;
  • Retiree, available to retired persons.

Membership is for one calendar year and includes the receipt of the CLRA Member Directory, an annual publication that lists member contact information by interest and expertise, a subscription to Canadian Reclamation magazine, a periodical that features articles about current and emerging reclamation projects and practices, and access to the CLRA/ACRSD Newsletter, and conference proceedings.

These publications allow the organization to have an informal, instructional role in the decision-making processes of reclamation/rehabilitation projects and to act as a forum for the dissemination of ideas and information pertinent to reclamation activities.

CLRA/ACRSD is an active member of the International Affiliation of Land Reclamationists. As such, all members of CLRA/ACRSD are also members of the IALR.