Program (2015)

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Technical Program-at-a-Glance: ARC 2015, Fredericton, NB


Day 1: Tuesday, October 20

8:30Conference Opening
Session 1 - R 3 Innovations (Reclamation, Remediation, Restoration)
8:45Sweet - Use of High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) to Improve Contaminated Site Management
9:15Boudreau et al - Sediment Fingerprinting to Assess Erosion in an Agricultural Watershed
9:45Parker and Sharpe: "Species at Risk in Restoration"
10:15Morning Break
Session 2 - Freshwater Habitat Restoration and ManagementSession 3 - Atlantic PIRI
10:45Bagnall & Redfield - Fish Passage in the Petitcodiac RiverPoirier - Key Regulatory Developments Since 2012
11:15Jenkins - Restoration of a Madawaska River TributaryNoble - New Vapour Instrusion Assessment Guidance
11:45Kennedy - Management of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Lake BanookElls - Calculating Changing Compound Concentrations in Groundwater
Session 4 - VegetationSession 5 - Remediation Risks and Decision-Making
13:30Hicks - Southern Twayblade at the Halifax International AirportBanks - Comparative Analysis of Remediation Costs for Soil Vapour-Based Risk Assessment
14:00MacDonald et al - Improving the Quality of Choke Cherry Seedings for ReclamationWalker & MacAskill - Mass Flux-Informed Remediation Decisions at the Sydney Tar Ponds
14:30Major et al - Salt Tolerance of Three Native Willow SpeciesMacAskill - Using PAH Fingerprinting in the Sydney Tar Ponds
15:00Afternoon Break
Session 6 - Fredericton's Picaroons Roundhouse Project
15:30Langille - Environmental Contamination in Real Estate
16:00Dunbar - Brownfield Roundhouse to Award-Winning Brews
16:30Lanigan - Picaroons 2
19:00Evening Activities

Day 2: Wednesday, October 21

Session 7 - NB Power's Mactaquac Project
8:15Power - Mactaquac Project Update
8:45Paul - First Nations Liaison and Field Monitoring Role
9:15Smal - River Restoration Option
9:45Curry et al - Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study (MAES)
10:15Morning Break
Session 8 - Wetland RestorationSession 9 - Mine Reclamation at the Sydney Coalfield
10:45Bowron et al - Looking Back Over 10 Years of Tidal Wetland Restoration in Nova ScotiaPower et al - Geochemical Assessment of Reclaimed Waste Rock Piles
11:15Beck et al - Community Patterns After 5 Years of Salt Marsh Restoration in the Upper Bay of FundyBradley et al - Use of a Conceptual Model in Advance of Numerical Simulations of Loading from Waste Rock Piles
11:45Dykstra et al - Development of Salt Pools in Restored Salt Marshes in the Bay of FundyRamasamy et al - Variably Saturated Flow Modelling of Soil Cover Systems on Lingan Waste Rock Piles
Session 10 - GenomeAtlantic - Springboard Event (Chancellor Room)
13:15 to 15:10A unique networking session designed to help companies find R&D expertise to address their key industry challenges.
> Businesses and local researchers get three minutes each to present their interests and expertise.
> Networking breaks provide time to explore opportunities.
> Representatives from industrial R&D organizations will be on hand to discuss funding opportunities.
For more information, visit the Connector website:
15:10Afternoon Break
Session 11 - Wetland Restoration (Continued)Session 12 - Managing Environmental Issues
15:30Sharpe & Parker - Wildcat Brook Shale Pit RestorationMeiers et al - Use of Analytical Estimates and Water Balance Components to Estimate Leakage Through Cover Systems Utilizing a Geomembrane
16:00Wrathall et al - Use of Spartina Species for Natural Shoreline ManagementFiander - Slope Stabilization at the Saint John Mail Processing Plant
16:30Skinner et al - Biogeochemistry of a Recently Restored Macrotidal Salt Marsh (Cheverie Creek, NS)Thompson - Biotic Earth Hydraulic Growth Media (HGM) for Vegetation Establishment
17:00Evening Activities

Day 3: Thursday, October 22

See NB Power's current poster campaign to solicit public input on the future of this important piece of NB infrastructure. English / French
9:00Tour - NB Power's Mactaquac Generating Station