I hope to get your creative juices (along with your gastric juices) flowing over the holidays so that there are several article submissions for the Canadian Reclamation Journal. We have had excellent responses over the past few journals with several articles from Atlantic Canada in each issue. Let’s keep up the effort in sharing the good news about reclamation work in the Maritimes.  Every presentation from ARC2015 would make a great article. There are also so many other projects which occurred this past summer and was not presented at ARC2015. These are not peer reviewed technical articles so they are not that difficult to write.

The editorial guidelines are available for download. Articles can be very short (1/2 page) and up to several pages long. The editor, Tracy Patterson, is excellent in guiding your writing towards a great article so if you are not sure about your writing, feel free to contact her directly. Tracy Patterson <tracy@aquilapublish.com>

  • The dates for submission are
    1. Issue 1 Spring/Summer 2016 – January 8, 2016 (this goes out in March)
    2. Issue 2 Fall/Winter 2016 – June 17, 2016 (this goes out in October, but the early deadline is needed due to summer field season)

Download Editorial Guidelines 2015


Here is  a link that has the latest journal articles from the American Society of Mining and Reclamation. Many of the articles may be of interest to our members. http://www.asmr.us/Publications/Journal/Vol%204%20Issue%202/JASMR-Vol%204%20Issue%202.pdf


The Atlantic Chapter Board of Director’s is compiling a short survey so that we can better  direct our efforts to learning and sharing our successes in reclamation. The survey should be ready for distribution in January. The draft questions are currently being reviewed and tested. If you have extensive experience with surveys and would like to offer advice or comment on the draft, please let me know at mcoleman@npower.com.

The Atlantic Chapter of CLRA Annual General Meeting is usually scheduled for late March or early April. We have tried to do it in February, but all it takes is one bad snowstorm over the Cobequid Pass, or a high snowfall winter in Cape Breton and then we have very limited participation.  So, I’ll wait for slightly warmer temperatures, but not so late as to interfere with the field season.  Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM. 

  • We have six Director positions which are held for two years. Each year, three positions are up for either re-election or open for a new member. Two current (but expiring Directors) have expressed an interest in reoffering for another term and one Director would like to see a new member replace his position. Voting will be at the AGM. I will announce in February who is on the slate for reoffering but in the meantime, please consider whether or not you might be interested in serving as a Director. I will also outline the time commitment and benefits to serving on the Board of Directors at that time. The position will be open to anyone who is a member (paid the $75 membership fee). This is just a heads up to start thinking about the potential.