Today not everyone has the title of project manager, however most employees are responsible for getting projects done, juggling deadlines, and dealing with multiple demands in addition to handling many other responsibilities, often working with people who do not report to them – all of which has to be done well, within budget, and on time.  This intensive one-day workshop will familiarize you with common terms and the most current thinking about projects and tasks, putting you on the path to recognition and success.

Workshop Topics Include:
– Understand what a project is and why projects are important
– Key roles of the Project Manager
– Discover the art of managing time
– Learn how out of control your workday truly is
– Identify and learn to eliminate productivity killers
– Learn the principles for managing competing priorities
– Learn to create a checklist in order to delegate successfully
– The acronym SMART spells SUCCESS
– Understand every projects ‘life cycle’
– Be aware of the triple constraints that drive your projects
– Create a Work Breakdown Structure to organize projects and tasks
– Learn about Resource Reallocation
– when your schedule isn’t working
– Learn to measure progress and manage chaos
– Discover effective tips to stimulate spirit in your projects and tasks
– Learn the 5 steps to wrap up your project

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